What Are Gifts?

Especially at this time of year we think a lot about gifts. It’s Christmas time. Gifts for family and friends. Toys and books for children. What should we get Grandma and Grandpa? Grandpa is easy, chocolate covered cherries.

Shopping, hurrying, wrapping, getting the house ready. Gifts under the tree.


Do we stop for a moment, look up at a full moon-lit night sky, taking in the wonder and beauty of God’s creation?


When our church went to the nursing home to put on a Christmas service for the residents. What a gift that was! To see the smiles of joy on their faces.


When my husband runs up the road to get take-out because he knows I’m overwhelmed.

And now my fellow believers here is a gift for you. I want you to slowly unwrap it and take your time. Understand it.

This gift is yours, because you are the gift. To God; with your love and devotion to Him. To us and others; with your capacity within you to love and share openly and honestly. For giving freely of yourself where there are needs.

Never forgetting the greatest gift: Jesus our Savior, sent by God, to be salvation for all of us.

This piece was written by Joan Snyder. Thank you Joan for writing this piece about the most previous gift we could ever receive, a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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