Testimony of The Month

"Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."
Ephesians 4:15-16

Testimony of The Month

My mother sold me.
It's the thing I say every time I share the work that the Lord has done in my life that gets the most reaction from other people, so I may as well say it first.
I get less of a reaction from people when I tell them that I attended four years of college. I get less of a reaction when I tell them that I own two businesses. I get less of a reaction when I tell them that I wrote a novel. I get less reaction when I tell them that I have six children, have been with my husband for ten wild and incredible years, that I work part-time for the town I live in, am involved in the safe housing movement for survivors of human trafficking, that I have a dog, that I drive a minivan or that I have overdue library books.
The thing that creates the largest murmur through a crowd is for me to stand up and instead of telling everyone in a room that my everyday life is a miracle of our Most High God, I tell them that when I was young and my world was small, I suffered greatly at the hands of people. Instead of me telling people about God, I think people begin to see him as the detail in the journey begins to flesh out.
Our God is a God who walks beside us. The places He has led me to are amazing as much as they have been horrifying, heartbreaking as much as they have been beautiful, and always a testament to His will and desire for freedom for His people.
I had a single mother when I was born who worked as an exotic dancer. She struggled with her desire to abort me. After she bravely chose life for me, she struggled with addiction and mental illness as well as codependency in a string of dysfunctional romantic relationships. This left me as the eldest child to drop out of school in fifth grade to care for my younger half-siblings, the youngest a baby of 18 months born with cystic fibrosis. My sister was a real-life baby doll who needed tube feedings and breathing treatments and regular hospitalizations. My mother would say again and again that she couldn't handle life once she realized that she couldn't cure her from home with herbal remedies. After that, her addictions spiraled out of control. It culminated in a twelve-year-old me standing in the driveway of a trailer with a thirty-four-year-old drug dealer and my mom who was saying to him "You have permission to date my daughter if you can find me some dope."
Inside of that trailer, his roommate was cooking meth in their bathroom that night. This culminated in the director of the group home I lived in being the only person I had with me when I gave birth to my first child at the age of fourteen.
Between the ages of fourteen and thirty four I would walk a beautiful, miserable, crying, dancing, horrible, incredible walk with our God. He would pull me through the worst of what I could do to myself and let others do to me, and elevate me to redemption again and again through the healing light of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to guide my steps through the earth. He has illuminated the path through healing my spirit and sharing the road map with others who still live in darkness.
My joy comes from the Lord, and it's manifest by the world that he has placed me in. Dinky Doo Petting Zoo in Wayland New York is a second home for my spirit on earth. The Lord draws people there that need strength and healing, and surrounds us with His great love through the act of caring for and socializing our animal friends. The first baby rabbit that I got to hold close taught me so much about being soft with those souls that need to learn that people aren't all bad. There is science to support what animal therapy does to heal the traumatized brain. This is one of the reasons our little zoo attracts people who need to grow in love. We can feel the change in us. Dinky Doo's slogan is 'Where You Can Be A Kid Again' and I feel that I was drawn there so that God could give me a second chance at a childhood.
Cherie Carter is the owner at Dinky Doo and never stops extending her hand to people in need in our community. She has a fighting spirit and a love for the Lord and keeps going despite the difficulty in keeping over a hundred animals fed every day. I love her never say die spirit. Dinky Doo always needs volunteers to clean water dishes, pick up around the zoo, and occasionally cuddle a baby bunny or two. If anyone is interested in helping out in any capacity, please contact Cherie Carter and know that you're doing a work to keep healing my heart and the hearts of our community members who are fortunate enough to know the people who make Dinky Doo possible and the animals who are the real stars of the organization.
If you're interested in reading the book that I wrote, it's titled Capital Monument written by Jessica Levinson and is available on Amazon, Walmart.com, and is also available for purchase on Kindle. Thank you for reading and for your prayers. They mean more than you know. With love, your sister in Christ, Jess.


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  1. What an amazing awesome Father we have!!! I just recently had to have cardiac arrest due to a sudden heart attack. Still taking everything in….and finding out in time that there were more good things that God brought out of this for me…and for others 😉💕. Maybe I could share more down the road. But needed to share what God’s done for me…brought me back to life.
    PS your page is verry inspiring and filling my soul 😉. I thank God for leading you to do this. Be blessed and multiply by His favor in your life 💕💕

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