Testimony of The Month

"Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."
Ephesians 4:15-16

Testimony of The Month

When I think about my childhood, and my family, I can see now that God always wanted me and loved me. I believe He gave certain people the heart to pray for me and my siblings, to direct us to a relationship with Him. I see those things now, but I didn't always. When I was about fifteen, I didn't see any hope or love, certainly not any joy. I wanted to run away, but then the Lord saved me.
Actually, I asked the Lord into my heart when I was seven years old. My parents didn't go to church, but when a neighbor offered to take us they allowed us to go. So some of us went. My sister, who was sixteen, was in charge of us five younger kids. I loved the singing, but didn't like my Sunday school class because I was the only girl. I had a kind teacher named Kim, and she's the one who told me about Jesus. I had a real problem of not listening to my mom at home, and I had just broken my little brother's brand new big wheel bike ( his birthday present) after she had told me a thousand times not to ride it. So I could hardly deny I was a sinner, and I certainly didn't want to go to hell, so I took the deal, then I forgot.
But as I got older, life got harder, my sister left home and we stopped going to church. I began working on the family farm with the rest of my brothers and sisters. It was a very bad time in my life, and like a few other trials I have experienced, situations and people seemed put there with the intent of destroying any joy that I had, maybe even to destroy me. But God had other plans, and what others meant for harm, He turned into an opportunity for me to see that He is so much more than the old picture that stood guard on our living room wall above the couch. The one my brother and I prayed to when my mom got the call that my older brother had been in a serious car accident and was in surgery. The one that sat on that wall my whole life, but I usually just ignored.
But to go back, when I was fifteen, it had been a difficult six or seven years. There had been some beautiful times, but also many horrible days and I saw no way out, I had become an an angry, bitter person. There was so much hate in my heart that it spilled out of my mouth. I cursed constantly, and I was just a miserable person to be around. I made bad choices, but I figured I was being mistreated so I didn't really care. Finally one night I'd had enough, I came in from working and went straight to my room. I sat there by myself, crying and feeling so alone and hopeless for anything better. I put on some music so nobody could hear me crying. The song that played wasn't particularly special to me, and wasn't a Christian song, but when I heard Sad Cafe playing it brought back memories of the Jesus I asked into my heart when I was little. "Could He really still be there?" I wondered. I decided to pray. I asked Him to help me, and told Him I was sorry for the many times I had taken His name in vain, and sorry that I was so miserable. I confessed that I was really scared and messed up, and I couldn't do this by myself anymore.
What I felt next was the best feeling I have ever experienced. I don't know how to explain it except that I felt peace, and I felt loved, and even though I still lived there for two more years, I was never alone again. Not in that situation, not in any situation I have faced since. My God is so faithful. He loved me and sought after me, even when I turned away from Him, forgot Him, and cursed His precious name. He's remained faithful in all the years since. Through the loss of both my parents and a very dear friend, I have come to rejoice in the love of a Heavenly Father I can never lose, and has never given up on me.


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  1. What an amazing awesome Father we have!!! I just recently had to have cardiac arrest due to a sudden heart attack. Still taking everything in….and finding out in time that there were more good things that God brought out of this for me…and for others 😉💕. Maybe I could share more down the road. But needed to share what God’s done for me…brought me back to life.
    PS your page is verry inspiring and filling my soul 😉. I thank God for leading you to do this. Be blessed and multiply by His favor in your life 💕💕

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