How To Truly Engage In Worship

Worship is such an important aspect of our relationship with Jesus. Yet so many of us struggle to engage in true worship.

How To Truly Engage In Worship

For me, worship is one of my favorite parts of Sunday service. I might be a little bias because I am a musician and am on my church’s worship team.

As I sing on Sunday morning I often close my eyes to focus intently on Jesus as I let my praise pour out from my soul and up into eternity.

My worship wasn’t always this way though. Even though I’ve always sung and played instruments I remember a time when I didn’t even sing along with the congregation, let alone participate on the worship team.

I let the fear of what others may think of me hold me back from truly connecting with God. Now I see that this was just the enemy keeping me from one of the greatest gifts God has given us. Worship.

Maybe this resembles your current worship experience. Here are some things you can do this Sunday to truly engage in worship.

How To Truly Engage In Worship

Allow Perfect Love to Cast Out Fear

It can be hard at first to push past the fear of what the people around you might think and really pour out your heart in worship. Remember this fear is from the enemy and he is just trying to keep you from the power of worship.Bible with heart picture.

Maybe you think you can’t sing and you are afraid of what your worship will sound like. Remember you are worshiping God not auditioning for The Voice, don’t let this doubt hold you back.

Also, remember that you are worshiping God for a reason, He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the Name Above All Names and He is Love. In 1 John 4:18 John writes  “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

Next time you stand to worship on Sunday morning first remember that if you are in Jesus Christ you have been made perfect in love and every fear that comes your way has no place at the sound of His holy name!

Celebrate That Love

Your decision to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ was the greatest decision you have ever made. Not only that but the gift of God’s son, that He sent into the world to die on a cross, is the greatest gift ever given.

Worship is the time to celebrate all of that!

Forget about what anyone around you may think or the looks anyone may give you, who cares? Jesus laid down His life to free you from the bondage of sin and give you eternal life… that is a reason to really celebrate.

When I engage in worship I allow all of my attention to be set on Him. I don’t just murmur the words of the worship song I lift those words to Heaven in a true spirit of praise and adoration.

There is no greater way to celebrate His amazing grace and Love than to sing a new song to the Lord.

Not only does this celebration fuel your relationship with Jesus it can also be a way to help fuel other people’s relationship with him too.

Express Your Love

We spend so much time thinking about what our brothers and sisters might think of our worship, that we often forget how much of a positive effect our worship can actually have on them and their worship.

The main reason most people you see in church are standing in silence during worship is that everyone around them is also standing in silence. It can be awkward at first to pour out into worship while everyone around you is standing still staring dead ahead.

This is why it is so important that we drive out fear and go for it! Could you imagine how different your worship service would look if everyone was truly engaging in worship?Worship concert picture.

Sometimes it only takes one person standing out in a crowd to spark the flame.

Also, remember that there is so much pain and suffering in the pews around you. Worship is more than singing songs, it’s a powerful gift from God that can bring true healing to our souls.

Even if you don’t happen to “feel in the worship mood” Sunday morning forget about yourself and think about the person next to you. Maybe your pouring out into worship might encourage them to do so and bring much-needed mending into their life. This could also help humble you in spirit and allow you to really set yourself aside and focus on Jesus

Let Go

We carry so much unnecessary baggage around with us everywhere we go. It seems to just accumulate as our weeks go on and we find ourselves overburdened Sunday morning.

Worship is the perfect time to let it all go. As you raise your voice in praise, remember this scripture from 1 Peter 5:7: “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Remembering this truth, we can allow ourselves to release all of the anxiety and stress we have been carrying around and renew our strength in Him.

One of my favorite ways to surrender and let go in worship is to lift my hands. This is probably one of the hardest things for most people to do during worship. After realizing how hard something so simple was to do, I began to understand how effective it must be if the enemy is fighting so hard to keep us from doing it.

When we lift our hands in praise, it really brings us to the heart of surrender and worship. This is hands down(no pun intended) the greatest and simplest thing we can do to really engage in worship.

If you find it hard to lift your hands in praise during worship, try doing this during prayer time, everyone’s eyes are closed so no one will see you. This will help you feel the power of doing so and eventually bring you to a place of feeling comfortable doing it during worship.

Remember the fear that is holding you back from pouring out your heart in true worship is from the enemy. The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

Focus on the love of Jesus as you lift your voice to heaven in praise. That love will drive out fear but most of all remember that you are already made perfect in love and that the fear has no place in your life to begin with.

This is your time to draw close to your heavenly father and to celebrate and express the love you have for Him. Don’t let satan stop you from enjoying what God has given you.

Take all of the fear and doubt and shame and burden and lay it at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Allow yourself to truly engage in worship this Sunday, push the fear aside and lift His name on High!

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  1. Love what you posted here about Worship Nick! Sometimes as adults we don’t remember what it must be like for our kids to break away from the fears or even remember what it felt like to become comfortable in church to express our love to God. I am using this as a tool to share with them and Lord free them to find this new Freedom! God bless ! Thank you!

  2. Absolutely Amazing. Love The Post. It’s so True. When we Worship in the Spirit to Give Thanks and Praise to God for Giving Us He’s Only Begotten Son… Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Who Defeated The Enemy and is Seated at The right Hand of the Father

  3. im so blessed after i read your articles im not musician im not a singer but i disire to do both, im so shy to sing so loud becouse i know my voice is not good to heared but now i read your article and its inspired me the true meaning of worship Worship is more than singing songs, it’s a powerful gift from God that can bring true healing to our souls. i know that Jesus healed my soul and i want to bring back the true Praise and Worship to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, God Blessed to all

  4. Hi Nick..the article was so encouraging…felt like God only directed me to read this…I am truly blessed n encouraged through this. God bless u 😇

  5. My dearest brother l truly love and appreciate GOD’S unchanging miracleous presence in your presentations. I want more of GOD,am worshipper too, and want to learn more, please will call you so much blessed.GOD elevate and promote your kingdom love and be
    filled overflowed, unstoppablly in the power of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT.SHALOM.

  6. Hi Nick your words are very encouraging and true thanks for reminding me that I should always forget about my neighbor when it comes to worship cause that is my perfect time to express my love unto the love of my life# Jesus
    And I believe it will drive out fear

  7. Happy Sabbath!
    This Blessed me in more ways than one! He is looking for true worshippers in this hour! We have to let the fear go! We are made perfect in love and He (Love himself) loves worship! Oh man…..

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