Welcome to Abide and Seek!

Hello Friends and Welcome!

As we have come together, our individual journeys have united our passions. We have felt many things on both of our hearts and this is literally just the beginning of what God has in store for us!

We wanted to give our readers a welcome article so you can have a deeper understanding of our mission, calling, vision, and why we chose to create Abide and Seek.

So here we GO!

Who Are We?

We are Nick and Leah Lincoln, former elementary classmates, college friends, now husband and wife! We dated for a short while, got engaged and married this past fall. Our journey on how we ended up together alone is a testimony and an act of God. Something we will share with you all through various articles.

Why Did We Create Abide And Seek? 

We have created Abide and Seek for the purpose to help others grow in their relationship with Jesus.

The foundation for our passion and the name of our ministry can be found in John 8: 31-32,  “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” We want to be able to share this truth that will liberate your lives like it has for ours!

Before we thought of creating a ministry or were even started dating, God put me in a place where I would pull all of my talents and passions together. I had a wonderful opportunity to have volunteered for a year at a well established, private, all-boys school called Bethesda Academy.Bethesda Academy provides boarding and day school for young men in grades six through twelve. This school strives on ” inspiring young men to discover their academic, social, and spiritual potential.”

Bethesda in the bible was actually a pool of healing waters. What I loved about being at Bethesda is that it too was a place of healing for me. I was not only surrounded by great mentors, but I was able to help out with one of the boy’s classes called Farm and Garden. Here is where I was able to use my organizational skills, gardening experience, veterinary knowledge and my love for others. Never before Bethesda was I able to do all of these things that I love to do, all in one place, to glorify God. This was someplace I absolutely loved going to each week. I would volunteer in the hot, southern weather and still find God’s beauty in what task we were taking on that day.

While I was taking in what Bethesda had to offer, Nick was experiencing his calling as well. A couple summers ago while leading worship with our pastors at a family camp, Nick felt God calling him into ministry and he began to zealously pursue the Lord like never before. Now he preaches at our local church and as God continues to lead his every step he faithfully follows the Lord into every opportunity. Through this faithfulness, our passions have melded into the seed that is now Abide and seek. We are so excited to see this see sprout and grow into the beautiful ministry God wants it to be.

Abide and Seek was created from the calling that God has put on our hearts to begin a ministry and to share our experiences and desire to spread the word of God. We hope to develop a small farm where children can come, feel safe and get into God’s creation. We as Christians should be not only be abiding by God’s word but also seeking out more of him each day. The closer I got to the people around me at Bethesda and the earth, the more I felt God calling out to me. Now we want to create a place that calls out to others, that submerges you in God’s creation where everyone can feel welcomed!

What Do We Plan To Accomplish?

Abide and Seek will provide weekly articles and small group courses to get others immersed in the Word of God. These materials can be used to exercise one’s individual faith, or they can be used in small group sessions within your local church. We hope to bring together a community of followers from all over the world!

Who Are We Trying To Reach?

We want to reach out to anyone who is interested in living a joyous and fulfilling life! Everyone is able to a have an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to be the disciples that God has requested us to be and deliver this great news to you each week!

So throughout the week, we want to deliver quality writing to you that focuses on our past and current experiences. We hope to bring you one step closer to Him by reading about other’s testimonies and how far we have come!

So come join us each week as we create two God inspiring articles and see how your relationship with Jesus can transform your life like it has for us! 

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  1. Hi. I read three of your articles/posts and really enjoyed them. I look forward to reading more posts and growing in my walk with Christ whilst using abideandseek as a tool to learn. God bless you.

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