How Worship Music Fueled My Desire To Run

Implementing worship music into my routine running work out changed my overall outlook on running, it no longer became a task but something I desired to do.

I started back up running shortly after I moved back home in 2016 when I was 30 lbs overweight, depressed, lost and overall defeated.I felt it would get me back on track with my physical goals and adjust my mindset at the time like it has in the past. But this time I achieved so much more than just a physical goal because my spiritual life simultaneously was also being completely transformed!

How Worship Music Fueled my Desire to Run

Running the Back Roads Solo

Girl running picture. I always have had a love-hate relationship with running and because I was a lot heavier, I knew it was going to be even harder to get back into it so it was somewhat enjoyable. When I first started, I would do my normal routine of strapping on my running watch, input the goal time I wanted to run 3 miles in, would put in my earbuds and would listen to the same alternative rock music that would get me fired up to run. Then as time went on, I would slowly build up to a distance and time I wanted to achieve.

The roads that I would always take were back roads where I felt I could get away from the world and that is the way I enjoyed the overall experience of running, by shutting down and being alone. Honestly, that’s the only way I enjoyed my running. I had to be isolated and by myself, I never really enjoyed running with others because I wanted to be able to just shut my brain off and run.

Running for His Glory

After coming to Christ my running experience change and it changed for the better! I wanted to run on the back roads to soak in the God created beauty and not enjoy my run alone, but enjoy it with God.I also change the music I ran to and it completely changed my motivation and outlook on my whole running experience.

Girl with headphones.

The power I felt behind each song actually helped me push further and it even cut down on my running times, who would have thought!  At first, I was so surprised, but at the same time, I wasn’t. I was doing something great for my body, mind, and spirit all at the same time, so why would I be surprised that the 45 minutes of running brought me more than an accomplished feeling but a completed feeling because I was spending alone time with God. This change truly fueled my desire to run and all because I was running for God this time, not myself.

Psalm 100:2 reads, “ Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs”. This is what I was doing! I was not running to put in the miles, but I was putting in the miles while worshipping God. Isolating myself with him on my runs all while listening to joyful songs about him! It elated me to the point where I was actually excited to run. I would actually catch myself smiling a lot while I was running and this was something that was completely different from what I was used to.

Worship Running

This is what I like to call “ Worship Running” and it is now something I encourage others to do because it has made such an impact on my running and spiritual life. This year I even ran my whole half marathon to a Pandora worship music station.The race was difficult, long and very hilly, I honestly do not think I would’ve finished it without the guidance of God and the Holy Spirit that came through in each song.

Marathon picture. Every song was chosen and appeared on my station to push me one more mile and then another. This choice of running to music that directly speaks to my heart and soul is the best decision I have made as a runner and that is saying a lot! I have been running for years, utilizing various running techniques, training advice and have participated in dozens of 5k races along with one very long half marathon and even a marathon. So for worship music to shave off my training and race time speaks volumes to me because it wasn’t a gradual thing, it was immediate.

And all this time, this simple change to my running routine could have had an impact on my life and running a long time ago. But it wasn’t until I was within Christ that guided me to this change. This is just one of many things that had changed after coming to Christ, so what are you waiting for?!

Add some great Christian stations to your Pandora running list next time and try it out, you never know the impact it may have on you!

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  1. Hello Leah…Your testimony about how you started running as totally encourage me to now “Worship Run!” I have been running off and on for years but not a real commitment. I am not a Runner but desire to be a Runner. I run on my home treadmill to stay fit for God’s Glory but still struggle with losing weight. I am much older than you of course, but healthy for my age group. I am thankful not to be on medications but (only high cholesterol meds…bomber)!!! I just want you to know that your article “How Worship Music Fueled My Desire to Run” has empowered my thinking. BIG THANK YOU for be led by the Holy Spirit to write this because it’s now helping me refocus and be consistent about my running goals AND to Worship God While I’m running and take my mind off of self. Thanks!

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